Monday, January 31, 2005

The midday tally

The good: my new cashmere sweater.

The annoying: boss suggesting I sing karaoke on our Tour of Torture marketing road trip next weekend.

The bad: bitchy boss snapping "oh, so now you're setting limits!" when I tell her that I will gladly be her marketing slave all weekend but she has her head up her ass if she thinks that I would even consider singing karaoke for her entertainment and/or benefit.

The so fucking awesome I might urinate in my pants and not even recognize the dampness: I love football. I love my gym. And, now, professional football players are training at my gym. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Pat. Thank you, Pat’s hot ass.

On Mondays, little things count as big things.


Plantation said...

You talkin' Lions here?

A said...

Indeed I am.

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