Friday, January 28, 2005

I won't have to miss Starbucks, at least

Why I don’t want to even consider getting a job out of my humble home state:
1. Significantly decreased ability to attend games of hometown teams
2. Distance between Relocation City and Best College Town Ever
3. Inability to watch CBC
4. The irrationally strong emotional connection I hold to this beautiful, hideous, misunderstood city
5. I will miss my gym
6. I will miss the multitude of lakes
7. I will miss my best friend, Lucy
8. I will have to replace my skating coach
9. I am too square for a hip, urban metropolis
10. Distance to parents, especially when I need my mom to mend clothing/my dad to dig my car out of snowy messes
11. I will miss my baby sister
12. I will miss the many athletic competitions that my baby sister participates in
13. I will miss my sister’s expert knitting tutelage
14. I will miss shopping trips with my sister
15. I will miss going to the gym with my sister
16. I will miss baking with my sister
17. I will miss making fun of my dad with my sister
18. I will miss spending lots of time with the five cousins who live within a half-hour of me
19. I sort of like driving everywhere
20. Plethora of skating rinks in my area
21. Super Bowl XL
22. My second job
23. My grandma
24. My grandpa
25. My grandpa who isn’t actually my grandpa, but my dead grandma’s live-in boyfriend of 30 years
26. The sweet-ass complex that I play soccer at
27. The cute-ass boy who runs the sweet-ass soccer that I play soccer at
28. Certainty that I will never know an area as intimately as I know this one
29. Kitschy regional food
30. I am a big damn baby

Why I need to suck it up and seriously consider getting a job out of my humble home state:
1. I need to grow the fuck up.

Why I’m thinking about this:
I sent my good friend Aviva, who is living and working a sweet-ass job in NYC, my resume. She is peddling it off on the Very Important and Very Powerful and Very Glamorous in hopes that she can get me here so that she can:
1. Have a roommate
2. Have a gym buddy
3. Have a knitting tutor
4. Have a partner in crime who sports a matching Midwestern accent


Constance said...

Except for 4 and 10 I'm wondering why the hay I haven't left Illinois.
Oh, I remember. I did. I'm back. I didn't come back alone.
Maybe I should try again? Well, that would be a long list.

Plantation said...

who says you have to leave?
try if you haven't already..

A said...

For me to get into the line of work that I feel like I belong in, moving would be my best option.

Which brings up that whole live to work v. work to live argument.

Plantation said...

What is this field of work you think you belong in?
What was your major?
Should I know this already?

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