Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year, Plantation!

They're not black yoga pants, but they'll have to do.

My ass is the one in the center; the pants are an inside joke.


Plantation said... are 2 funny!
Thanks sweetie. Now, if you'd *just* turn around...

So sorry about Meeechigan. Seems like someone got a finger on that FG, yet it fluttered thru anyway. At least you were in the game. My sorry Gators were neve in it and got they're asses whupped 27-10.

A said...

Well, the ass shot was taken to celebrate our sweet new pants. It wasn't until after that I realized that I'd just killed two birds with one stone.

...and posting a picture of my junk made me feel (slightly) better about my boys in blue being out-coached yesterday (sob).

Plantation said...

So you think they were out-coached? Well, someone *should* have figured out how to keep an eye on #10 Mr Young.

OK, so now I'm waiting on a frontal pic. I'll give you 12 months to think it over.

A said...

Yeah, I think they were out-coached. They've played against three running QBs this season, lost to two of them (and would've lost to the third had he not gotten injured). Clearly, they don't know how to contain them.

I was a little irritated with decisions at the end of the game, too. Call one of your timeouts earlier. Let them kick (and score) earlier. Then at least there is time left on the clock to attempt to run one back.

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