Saturday, January 29, 2005

Controversy of the Day

I just made the mistake of showing my sister the Judie Bomberger prints my mom bought for our bathroom.

Meg wasn't a fan of the artful nudity.

Mom was in the shower, so Meggie cracked open the door and screamed "MOTHER! THE ONLY BUSH I WANT IN MY BATHROOM IS MY OWN!"

Looking for support in her outrage, Meg informed Dad of the eyesores purchased by our mother. Dad just wanted to know details. "What kind of bush is it?"

Meg doesn't like when Dad fails to immediately join her side in petty family bickering. "I am not a connoisseur of cooters, DAD."

Pappy checked out the situation and let us in on his analysis.

"That's a retro bush, girls. It's not trimmed."

Family time is fun time.


Plantation said...

It appears, somewhat like me, that your online personality is a lot more carefree and aggressive than perhaps out on the streets. If you, like me, can move toward this more outgoing and fun persona...oh fk it, I'm giving you too much unsolicted advice....shoot me, will ya?

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