Tuesday, January 04, 2005

An alternative to solitaire

If anyone out there is especially bored, I highly suggest that you come down to my workplace and watch me attempt to be productive while unsuccessfully ignoring the massive chunk of orange chicken (my favorite Chinese dish, in case anyone was curious) that lodged itself in my molars and refuses to be removed by constant prodding by the tongue, by force or by prayer. Stubborn little fuck.

Though I can barely function with this oral annoyance, I have maintained the ability to recognize that my situation is pretty bloody amusing. And it’s only going to get better. But, please, potential audience, hurry down! I’m only 17 minutes away from pulling out the pliers.

Sigh. It’s a shame. Dr. Starling did such a nice job with my orthodontics.


Anonymous said...

Haha, you are dangerous. I hope you got the piece of food out. But hey look at the bright side, at least gushing blood from a freshly yanked out tooth will take the boring out of the workplace. Mission accomplished! Killed two irritating things with dismemberment of a tooth! Still, Dr. Starling would be greatly disappointed and charge you a good penny to glue that tooth back on (hopefully after scraping the food off the tooth).


Plantation said...

I hear floss works wonders!

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