Monday, December 13, 2004


It snowed this morning. I would consider it our second considerable snowfall of the year. There really isn’t anything significant in terms of accumulation, just enough to need to give yourself a little more space between your car and the one in front of you and to feel like you should shovel your driveway and your front walk.

The snow really didn’t do much to inspire me. I was moved by the absolute certainty that my mother would bitch me out if I didn’t clear the front walk. I, despite being a lazy lump of shit and a leech on Mother’s bank account, succumbed to the pressure.

And sort of shoveled.

I took Max and Stevie for a walk and, on our way back in the house, I performed some modified shoveling. It went something like this: left foot, push snow to the side. Right foot, push snow to the side. Small step forward. Repeat.

Our front walk is rather short.

And it probably would’ve been faster to get a shovel out of the garage and shovel legitimately. But that would’ve taken effort.

I am the reason people don’t want to have children.


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