Thursday, December 02, 2004

Do you hear what I hear?

Turn down the How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, boys and girls, because if you listen really closely, you can hear me sniffling from your little corner of the Internet.

Why is it that busy, important weekends attract germs like Max's mouth to his own shit? I get sick once a year. In the midst of the busiest, absolute most inconvenient week to be ill. Always. Of course. It's very typical.

Last year, it was Christmas/Florida vacation/way too much time with my family week. This year, it’s a freelance a skating event/visitor from Oregon/Nutcracker performance/weekend update/NFL game that happens to be the first professional start for the quarterback of my college team who I happened to have a class with who I happen to be in love with/yoga/work on Sunday morning/hockey practice week.


I am currently writing a very strongly-worded memo to my antibodies.


Plantation said...

So who was the QB? Drew Hensen/Henson or John Navarre?
You're interest in football in very attractive...uh-oh, what's this about sagging tits?

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