Wednesday, December 08, 2004


You know what feels really great?

Taking your three-month-old, $700 pair of figure skates to get sharpened from THE Sharpener (the man is very well known for being supremely knowledgeable about all things related to figure skates) and finding out:

a. your blades are too short
b. your blades are mounted slightly crooked
c. the screws mounting your too-short blades are in crooked

Which means:
a. your blades need to be taken off of your boot
b. the previous screw holes need to be filled in
c. the sole of your boot needs to be sanded down and refinished
d. the blades need to be remounted

a. your blade could snap off at the heel

a. likely injury

What great news! I totally have the time, the money and the patience to deal with this!


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