Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Pi for Pie

Boys and girls, are you sick of randomly guessing the number of pies you need to fulfill appetites around your Thanksgiving table? Follow this simple equation and calculate your way to holiday bliss.

Divide number of expected guests by two
Round up to the nearest whole number
Get yo’ ass baking

That’s right, kids, a half-pie for every person who will be giving thanks with you.

Let us apply this equation in a real life situation.

We will be having 23 people at my aunt’s house tomorrow.

23/2 = 11.5

A half of a pie? How do you make that?

You don’t. You make 12. Not 11. DO NOT ROUND DOWN. Baking only 11 pies puts guests at risk for hunger, malnutrition and, gasp, eating in moderation. YOU DO NOT ALLOW A PERSON WHO YOU LOVE (or a stranger, enemy or twin sibling) TO EAT IN MODERATION ON THANKSGIVING DAY.

Okay? Okay, great. Enjoy!

This public service announcement brought to you by the oldest child of a true (yet reluctant) domestic goddess.


actonbell said...

hehe, hope you have enough pies! Of course, leftovers are HALF the fun, if not the whole fun...hey, I like your list of favorite books, and the purpleness of your page. Have a great Thanksgiving! ls

Harmony said...

I'm going to be short on pies....

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