Friday, November 19, 2004

Keep your baby propaganda out of this

Thinking in the car this morning: I really like kids. If someone offered me shelter, a steady income and a child, with or without a partner to help me raise the little brat, I would take it.

For the record: by no means do I think that raising a child is even moderately easy.

Question: why am I on the mailing list for a hospital that none of my doctors belong to and that I’ve never been to?

Irritation: flier mailed to me from aforementioned hospital with pictures of pudgy, cherub-faced babies chewing on their toes and the phrase “Expecting someone?” stretched across the top.

Asinine because: there isn’t a 22-year-old on this planet who is as NOT pregnant as I am.

In summation: I would really like to have kids one day, but the chances of me doing so are pretty damn slim if not entirely nonexistent. That stupid fucking pamphlet reminded me of that.


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