Saturday, November 20, 2004

I’ll just lay it out

A list isn’t ideal, but I can conceive no other way to tell these truths.

I’m 22.
I’m a virgin.
I’ve never been kissed.
I’ve never been on a date.
I’ve never held hands with a male who isn’t a family member other than to play Red Rover in physical education.

There isn’t a concise way for me to explain how the aforementioned facts have molded who I am, what I think, how I act and why I do.

Just keep reading, I suppose.


Plantation said...

OK. I'm going *all* the way back to the beginning. I must say, this one's a shocker. I know I have to read on, but I struggle to wonder why? No date, no holding hands, no kiss, no xxx? I have a feeling you've accomplished some of these. If not, I'd be happy to break your streaks for you. You know me and my streaks. Well most of them. Listen, all I'll say at this juncture is that I easily have you beat with one of those. Care to guess?

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