Saturday, November 27, 2004

I was once, too

I continue to skate as an excuse to see them as much as I continue to skate as a means to challenge my mind and my body.

They’re princesses. They glide effortlessly across a shiny mirror of ice, except for when they trip over a toe pick and tumble onto their knees. They dress in stretch velvet, sequins, lamè, and spandex, like the royalty that they are. They don’t mind that their Barbie underpants hang out beneath the panties of their skating skirt. They’re not too good for anything. They fawn over their coaches. They skate to Disney movies with a passion normally reserved for animated figments of the imagination. They wobble, they fall, they giggle.

I watch them when I am at the boards, barely upright, gulping water, attempting to steady my breathing. I love their arm-flailing efforts at grace. I love their chubby little legs unabashedly on display in skating dresses. I love the frequency with which their bottoms meet the ice. I watch them. I watch them falling in love with the sport that sustains me.


brent said...

came across your blog from the most recently updated blogs list. good stuff. nice writing. no i should not be home reading blogs on saturday night, but indeed i am!

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