Monday, November 22, 2004

I know how much he makes per week

I totally dig my fellow intern/slave.

Oh, he is as cute as a drunken elf dressed up for Halloween and his smile is simply a dazzling ray of sunshine and rainbows and – oooooh! – he shoots the shit with me so consummately.

And he likes [loves] hockey.

And he likes [loves] to poke fun at our bosses just as much as I do.

Tra la la. We’re going to get married and have 17 beautiful babies.

Yes, I do realize, given my past that this is actually nothing but a foolish fantasy and that I am destined to live my love life through reality television, remaining unhappy and alone forever.

Sometimes, however, it is important to pretend that you actually believe the shit you read on the advice pages of YM.

Hope – even if it's illogical – is good for the digestion.


Harmony said...

What do we have without hope?

A said...

Indigestion! ...among other things.

Mike said...

Get it straight, young lady! Beautiful, hockey loving, boss mocking, fellow intern/slave is for fun, not marriage and baby making. Well maybe a little baby making.

A said...

Heh. Would certainly be okay with fun, a little baby making.

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