Monday, November 15, 2004

Holding the Landing

If you were living at home, gentle reader, you would be Blogging, too.

You would blog if you lived in the Midwest. If you were spending your first year out of college interning for a company you have no future with. If you were 22, bored out of your mind, full of regrets and promising ideas, quite a pushover, naive to a fault and lacking in energy and motivation but exercising every day.

You would blog if you were me.


stfu said...

Why are you living at home? Better to be destitute than to live with your parents at 22. I should know, lol. No I'm not 22 any more, thank god (and his little minions).

So, how is it going? (says the anonymous freak on the internet). I kind of remember, it was like being in prison, but I had to pay rent, as soon as I started earning money....fkin bastards...

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